A brief comparison natural v/s synthetics

There is an astounding pricing difference when it comes to choosing high quality perfumery raw materials compared to mass produced cheap synthetics. The difference is not just merely 10 times or 50 times, you will be really surprised to know that it is much more than that. To give our customers a taste of this difference, see below comparison of few raw materials:

  • A regular rose fragrance oil costs under USD$150/KG in comparison to Rose Otto essential oil that cost wholesale at USD$20,000+
  • A normal Oud fragrance produced synthetically roughly cost around USD$100 mark, while the cheapest natural oud (only if you are lucky to find it) will cost USD$12,000/kg. Go step up in quality and you will be paying up to USD$60,000/kg and more.
  • Mass produced Sandalwood fragrance oil costs under USD$100/KG in comparison to genuine oil that roughly costs USD$2,500+/kg.

Similarly, there are cheap synthetics which are dirt cheap in comparison to quality synthetic products. It’s worth mentioning that some quality synthetic products can cost more than their natural counterparts. For example a low-quality natural narcissus is going to smell like garbage, while a good synthetic heliotropin is an olfactory marvel. The best synthetics are like the best natural ingredients and are extremely expensive.

Fusion series products are created using the fine balance of quality raw materials and master’s hands to offer premium quality products at a great price point across the range. 

Try our Fusion series perfume collection, feel and experience the beauty of high-quality and original fragrances at an unbeatable price point.

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