Perfume oils difference and how to apply perfume oils?

Our perfume oils are pure and not mixed with any alcohol or carrier oil, hence you will need a tiny/little quantity for a full-on scent experience for each wearing.

Also note that perfume oil experience is different to commonly available spray based perfumes:

Spray based perfumes are diluted in alcohol, which is a very light weight carrier, that helps the aromatics to expand quickly to create an immediate scent aura around the wearer. 

Oil based perfumes are pure aromatics and requires a little/tiny application on the skin or on garments. The beauty of oil based perfume is that they open and reveal the scent with the warmth of the body. Good quality perfume oils give different fragrance notes at different time intervals and generally they lasts longer to give an extended scent experience (depending on the skin type).

Perfume oil Application Steps

Here are some tips on how to apply perfume oils:

1- Apply to pulse points: Perfume oils last longer when applied to pulse points like the wrist, neck, inner elbow, and behind the ears, as the heat from these areas helps to release the fragrance.

2- Use a little at a time: Perfume oils are highly concentrated, so start with just a small amount and add more as needed. A little goes a long way.

3- You can warm the oil by rubbing your fingers together before applying it to your skin. This will help the fragrance to blend with your natural body heat and release its aroma more effectively.

4- Avoid rubbing the skin after application: Rubbing the skin after applying perfume oil can crush the fragrance and cause it to fade more quickly. Instead, let the oil dry naturally.

5- Wait and smell: Give the perfume oil a few seconds to settle into your skin before taking a sniff. This allows the scent to develop and reveal its full aroma.

6- Re-apply as needed: Perfume oils tend to last longer than traditional perfumes, but you may need to reapply later in the day if the scent fades. Remember, applying perfume oil is a personal experience, so feel free to adjust the amount used and frequency of reapplication to suit your preferences.

By following these simple tips, you can make the most of your perfume oil and enjoy its luxurious fragrance for hours to come.

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