The Fusion Series Perfume oil difference

OUD COLLECTION™'s Fusion Series is targeted towards high-end perfume users who appreciate the originality, complexity and quality of the scent. All our fragrances, offered under Fusion Series, are a work of olfactive art, creativity and quality.

Fusion Series perfumes are expertly crafted from concept to finish using both traditional and modern perfumery raw materials. Each of our perfume contain multiple dozens of perfumery ingredients to offer an interesting experience with multitude of fragrance notes. All perfumery notes are treated with respect and arranged at their best place in the composition to offer a premium fragrance experience from top, heart and base notes, with each ‘note’ corresponding to the time in which you will be able to smell them.

With one of the best presentation in the worldwide market, our collection will make a great addition to your personal collection and an impressive gift for your loved one.


Quality perfumes cannot be produced cheaply because the raw materials are very expensive. Want to know more? read our short blogs on this topic by clicking here: Blogs