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Please carefully read the description of our perfume oils along with the reviews (if any) before making a purchase. These are specialized high-quality perfumes, a class apart from the usual mass-market fragrances. Our perfume oils are meticulously crafted using only the finest ingredients, resulting in a fragrance that is both luxurious and complex.

Majestic beauty!

Ahhhh… the scent of Magnolia! Truly Romantic, delicately soft, beautiful and so calming that it disbands the worries of life and gives a priceless satisfaction the moment you smell the majestic flower.

We have created this scent to showcase and draw a line to make people understand that high-street brands are different to artistic expressions of luxury ingredients in perfumery. Used in this perfume is a very beautiful southern American wild Magnolia blossom that is simply divine and stunning - The Magnolia flower oil used in this perfume is distilled by harvesting Magnolia flowers at night when their euphoric scent is most pronounced.

This was not an easy scent to create and we have gone through several rounds before settling to this composition. With zesty lemon top notes, luscious layers of white flower petals and beautiful undertones of robust peach, ripe apricot, creamy sandalwood and musk – this scent will surely announce the difference between mainstream perfumery and a work-of-art. 

Top quality Magnolia essential oil went into this fragrance that costs wholesale @ USD$10,000 a kilo, the scent is alive and it seeks attention from the wearer to fully reveal its beauty. Enjoy!

Fragrance notes:

  • Real to life Magnolia Grandiflorum blossom
  • Fresh and light citrusy
  • Ripe fruits
  • Creamy Sandalwood
  • Vanilla
  • Ylang-Ylang floral notes
  • Musk

    78.16% natural.

    All our bottles are hand filled:

    • 3ML bottles can have a variance of +/- 0.2ML.
    • 5.2ML bottles have a fill level between 5.2ML to 5.7ML.

    Click here for a brief introduction of Fusion series collection: What is Fusion series perfume range and how it is different.

    New to perfume oils? Click below link to understand the difference & how to apply perfume oil:
    Perfume oils difference and how to apply perfume oils

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Needles (Brisbane, AU)



    Not as nice as I thought but will keep it to wear when not going anywhere special

    Michael L. (Brisbane, AU)

    I purchased this for a friend of mine and it is absolutely gorgeous on her. The scent lasts for ages and when I smell it, it brings back many memories from days gone past. It truly is one that I would certainly buy again for gifts for my friends.

    Eve (Brisbane, AU)


    Jan (Cairns, AU)
    Good quality

    A good quality oil blend but the smell was too earthy/woody for me. Great idea to have sample size bottles so you can try before buying larger quantities.

    J. (Perth, AU)
    Just beautiful

    I love this perfume, it is warm, soft and alluring at first, then a freshness springs forth before it settles into a scent that just makes me feel wonderful

    Lee (Brisbane, AU)
    Love it!

    Smells divine - need to buy more ⭐️

    Leonie Carrington (Melbourne, AU)
    Mysterious and evocative.

    If you are looking for a fragrance that is mysterious and evocative of far away places, this is the scent for you. My new favourite Oud Collection fragrance. Subtle yet deeply layered.

    Andy Rolfe

    Aptly named scent as this oil definately makes me feel euphoric. It's amazing that something as simple as applying a scent can lift my spirits and give me a more positive outlook on the day.

    Rakshitha VS (Melbourne, AU)
    Euphoria is my new favourite

    Very rich magnolia fragrance, very long lasting. Ever since i tried this oil, it draws me towards it . I immediately ordered the 3 ml bottle as i felt i need to be in this magnificent magnolia presence all the time and cannot afford to miss it. Very well done. Top class