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Enthusiast Series Perfume oils are crafted for those seeking the absolute best. These luxurious creations are made from rare and limited-production materials, truly worth their weight in gold. They are the epitome of pure fragrances, unmatched by mainstream perfumery. These exceptional artisanal creations are highly cherished, destined to age gracefully and become even more extraordinary over time.


Unlock the extraordinary power of scents, the hidden key that touches the depths of your soul, infusing tranquility and a satisfaction unparalleled by any other means. To truly grasp its essence, apply a touch of this elixir to your wrist, close your eyes, and feel the captivating aroma work its magic. It is in that moment, that fleeting breath, that you will understand the extraordinary essence we speak of.

Behold the arrival of Grandiose—a perfume of unparalleled grandeur that exudes power, richness, and sheer beauty. Meticulously crafted from the finest batches of Gardenia extraction sourced exclusively from China, it carries an air of exclusivity with its staggering price tag of USD$23,000 per kilo. Reserved for connoisseurs like yourself, it stands as an exquisite rarity, elevating you above the sea of conformity and mundane perfumery.

The composition of this magnificent fragrance orchestrates a symphony of indulgence. Deep and fresh, woody and floral; it weaves together Indian Tuberose, rich Sandalwood oil, Jasmine Sambac absolute, and Gardenia in a mesmerizing interplay that sparks inspiration and floods your being with profound contentment. Yet, there is more—the fragrance sculpts a captivating harmony of woodiness, warmth, and complex allure with the inclusion of Saffron and Oud, anchoring the composition with unwavering charm.

This fragrance is a pure sensory delight as you embark on an aromatic journey with Grandiose. Its enchanting allure gracefully unveils a mosaic of opulent floral notes, enveloping you with abundant white petals and a velvety smoothness that caresses your senses. Within this fragrant tapestry, the deep woody essence of Oud and Sandalwood adds an alluring sophistication, while the warmth of Saffron infuses a golden embrace. And as the fragrance evolves, the complexity deepens with the intoxicating presence of Oud, taking you on a captivating voyage through ancient dark green forests. Embrace this olfactory odyssey, allow it to embrace you, and step into a world where luxury seamlessly melds with artistry—a world that captivates your very soul.

Fragrance notes:

  • Gardenia
  • Tuberose
  • Jasmine
  • Hint of ripe fruits from Gardenia
  • Green and Fresh woodiness
  • Warmth from Saffron
  • Deep and Woody, complex notes from Oud & Sandalwood

Check out this fascinating video by "Business Insider" to witness firsthand why authentic perfumery, crafted with the finest materials, comes with a premium price tag.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Colleen Kennedy (Sydney, AU)
I am under its spell

Exquisite and calming

Customer (Brisbane, AU)

A strong flowery scent that mellows with hints to little fruity undertones and hint of oud.

Kellyanne (Brisbane, AU)

This is amazing, absolutely beautiful and floral. Warm, inviting, sensual and with the hibt of oud gives it a earthy scent elevated heavenly feeling.