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Oud Luxury Collection

Oud Majestic Shower Gel

Oud Majestic Shower Gel

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"Our Oud shower gels aren't just about captivating fragrances; they're your passport to skin-pampering indulgence. Feel the difference as your skin becomes irresistibly soft, smooth, and adorned with a lingering, beautiful scent. And remember, a little bit is all you need for a lavish experience."

"Experience Majestic Moments"

When was the last time your daily shower became a truly enchanting experience? Allow us to introduce you to 'Oud Majestic' shower gel – a masterpiece that redefines your ordinary shower into a captivating ritual.

If you appreciate the richness of Middle Eastern perfumery or simply seek to envelop yourself in a spellbinding scent, this is your chance. 'Oud Majestic' offers a symphony of fruity, creamy florals, woody undertones, and musky layers that will immerse your senses in majesty.

Bathing is often the one moment in our hectic lives when we can unwind and escape the day's troubles. However, immersing yourself in the embrace of a high-quality fragrance isn't a common practice. We usually invest in expensive alternatives for relaxation, but we rarely consider enhancing our daily bathing routine.

We wholeheartedly invite you to embrace 'Oud Majestic Shower Gel.' Let it be your daily indulgence, elevating your shower from the mundane to the extraordinary. Immerse yourself in the satisfaction and serenity it offers – a small yet significant gift to yourself, because you deserve the best.

Additional information:

Product size is 300mL.

Disclaimer: Fragrance lasting on the skin varies from person to person; it depends on different variables such as skin type and dietary habits, according to research. The fragrances in our personal care products are made to leave behind a subtle trail of a beautiful fragrance, they are not a replacement of proper perfumes. 


  • Aqua
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Coco Amido Betaine
  • Glycerin
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Oud Perfume
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jane ellis (Melbourne, AU)
Oud shower gel

I’m so sorry I really wanted to like these , I was so looking forward to receiving these, especially the patchouli shower gel, but my first use didn’t smell anything like patchouli. Very disappointing.Not a fan of either of the gels I purchased.

Siobhan Maria (Perth, AU)
Majestic Shower Gel first time trying it

I love the OudLux range so when this newby came out, I had to try it after reading all the positive reviews. I like it, it's nice but it doesn't last on me; like the Platinum, it has little scent in the shower and slightly more after, fading away pretty quickly. Other scents last well on me in comparison. I do get a slightly similar note from Majestic and Platinum. When I do smell it, I find it comes across as sweet, floral yet subtly deep. A friend told me she found Platinum better in the bath so perhaps Majestic is the same. Product lovely and high quality as usual. I'm a big fan and gift these regularly, converting my friends.



Christeena (Sydney, AU)
Oud Majestic Shower Gel

I discovered this gel staying at a friend's house on a girl's w'end. I travelled to her place with another friend & she ordered the same gel as well. We both knew what to expect, a luxurious smelling, beautiful moisturising shower gel. It is incredibly beautiful 5 stars. The smell is very different however I LOVE it. Cannot say enough of how beautiful this shower gel is!

Customer (Perth, AU)

Oud Majestic Shower Gel

Merrilyn (Brisbane, AU)

Love hoping into the shower to be surrounded by the heavenly scent of Oud. It lathers very well and is nourishing for my skin. A perfect way to start or end my day

Mike Triggs (George Town, AU)
Subtle but alluring scent

Great shower gel, lovely spicy aromas. Rather less robust than the Badedas I normally use but nice for a change, especially if I'm going out afterwards where I can pair the lingering gel scent with oud antiperspirant.


The products are excellent ,I love the aromas.The Shower gel goes along way so can used sparingly.The delivery was fast..My mum loved her gel,deoderant and soap samples for her Birthday..

Manal Abdal rahman (Young, AU)

The smell it's absolutely beautiful

Suzanne Tabba (Sydney, AU)
Oud majestic shower gel

Very happy with the purchase, the shower gel makes your skin so soft. The scent is very soft and classy. I love it. I have purchased the body lotion and the body spray as well. love it , will buy again.