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Oud Luxury Collection

Oud & Flowers Shower Gel

Oud & Flowers Shower Gel

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"Our Oud shower gels aren't just about captivating fragrances; they're your passport to skin-pampering indulgence. Feel the difference as your skin becomes irresistibly soft, smooth, and adorned with a lingering, beautiful scent. And remember, a little bit is all you need for a lavish experience."

Ladies, if you're a fan of floral fragrances, you simply can't let this opportunity pass you by!

Our Oud & Flowers shower gel is a game-changer in the world of floral shower gels. It's an experience like no other. When you try our Oud & Flowers shower gel, you'll realize you've entered an entirely different realm of luxury. This ultra-luxurious shower gel envelops you in layers of exquisite floral fragrances, all thanks to its thick, creamy lather.

The Oud and Flowers shower gel is a symphony of sweet, fresh floral notes anchored by a subtle oud base note. This combination is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. The sweet floral accords blend seamlessly, making this shower gel an absolute treat for those who adore sweet and floral fragrances.

As you let the luxurious lather caress your skin, the captivating fragrance unfolds, creating a symphony of sweet, fresh floral notes dancing alongside zesty bergamot and delicate freesia. It's an immersive experience, like walking through a blooming garden as the warm water cascades around you.

Floral scents have a remarkable power – they soothe your nerves, ease anxiety, and infuse your mood with positivity. And when it's a floral fragrance done just right, it becomes a sensory delight!

Additional information:

Product size is 300mL.

Disclaimer: Fragrance lasting on the skin varies from person to person; it depends on different variables such as skin type and dietary habits, according to research. The fragrances in our personal care products are made to leave behind a subtle trail of a beautiful fragrance, they are not a replacement of proper perfumes. 


  • Aqua
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Coco Amido Betaine
  • Glycerin
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Oud Perfume
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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews



Probably my favourite scent of all the shower gels. Oud feels magical

Kerri Pullman (Brisbane, AU)

Oud & Flowers Shower Gel

Gary Fraser (Sydney, AU)
Oud Flower Gel

Absolutely highly recommend. Bought this for my beautiful daughter. As always amazing scent and luxurious texture. Love you guys, and is why I keep buying products.
If you are a first time buyer... Don't hesitate,you won't be disappointed 🙏

Linda Crew (Brisbane, AU)
Very Satisfied

I love all the products I purchased.

Tia (Hobart, AU)
Perfectly Scented Oud and Flowers Shower Gel

I adore this shower gel. It was such a joy to smell this and use this. I love the shimmery deep glorious pink colour of this and the scent is perfectly blended. I used the Oud and Flowers Body Lotion afterwards and I could smell the scent for ages. I also wore a Middle Eastern Rose perfume and these 2 products added another dimension and wonderful lasting power and silage. I will buy these products again. I highly recommend this and the body Lotion.

Deborah Dwyer (Sydney, AU)

First time buyer. The products are lovely. Will definitely be buying more.


Did not like the smell

Mavis Holland (Adelaide, AU)
Just love it have now ordered the perfume Smells divine

Lovey I’m buying more I love all the products and you only need a little so it goes further love it

Carolyn Lindsay (Caulfield South, AU)

Difficult to squeeze out of bottle