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Oud Luxury Collection

Oud Gold Shower Gel

Oud Gold Shower Gel

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"Our Oud shower gels aren't just about captivating fragrances; they're your passport to skin-pampering indulgence. Feel the difference as your skin becomes irresistibly soft, smooth, and adorned with a lingering, beautiful scent. And remember, a little bit is all you need for a lavish experience."

"Drench in the Exquisite Aromatic Luxury of Gold"

Set aside your concerns about the price – they won't linger once you've indulged in this shower gel. Think of it as a wise choice, far more satisfying than spending your money on snacks and drinks.

From childhood, we've grown accustomed to applying fragrances to our skin or clothes, but Oud Luxury Collection Australia introduces a new realm of sensory delight – bathing in the embrace of a high-quality fragrance.

Your daily bath, a cherished self-pampering ritual, transforms into a truly indulgent experience with this aromatic shower gel. You won't need much time to realize why we're so insistent that you give it a chance. Our Gold shower gel not only cleanses your body thoroughly but also possesses an aromatic prowess capable of melting away tension and infusing a wave of positivity into your mood.

With an abundance of exquisite aromatics, including pristine notes of Cardamom, Vetiver, and Oud, our Gold shower gel is the embodiment of high-end quality. Its fragrance, profoundly meditative, transforms the act of bathing into an extraordinary experience that will leave a lasting impression on your senses.

Gold signifies luxury and worth. A single try, and you'll be convinced that every penny spent on Oud Luxury Collection is a choice well-made.

Additional information:

Product size is 300mL.

Disclaimer: Fragrance lasting on the skin varies from person to person; it depends on different variables such as skin type and dietary habits, according to research. The fragrances in our personal care products are made to leave behind a subtle trail of a beautiful fragrance, they are not a replacement of proper perfumes. 


  • Aqua
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Coco Amido Betaine
  • Glycerin
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Oud Perfume
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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
barbara copper (Brisbane, AU)

have used your lovely soaps etc before and love the smells but this particular shower gel perfume was very faint and as I have loved the powerful smells it was a let down,sorry.It washed well.


I think this is more a masculine scent. I offered it to 6 people before a man said ooh love that. Not for me, but only personal preference

Kerri Pullman (Brisbane, AU)

Oud Gold Shower Gel

Tiat (Perth, AU)
Our Shower Gel

Just beautiful.
The scents are even better than the first lot I got. Love it


Happy with my order


Love it


Did not like the smell

Shirley yuen (Sydney, AU)
Oud shower gel

Love this shower gel and my skin feels clean and comfortable
Promptly delivery 🚚

Leslie sheremeta (Sydney, AU)
Unpleasant Chemical Fragrance

I must be missing something. Bought as a gift and going into the bin. Very unpleasant fragrance. So much sticky tape used to secure their products. Won’t purchase again.

Susan (Sydney, AU)
Oud Gold Shower Gel

Love the aroma! Just wish it would lather more…I’ll still be buying more though!