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Incense Series

The Show Piece (Purple) Incense Burner

The Show Piece (Purple) Incense Burner

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This is a purple & gold burner that simply looks stunning. Minimalistic in design, great colour combination and with beautiful finish.

This incense burner will surely impress your guests even if it is not in action and just placed as a decoration piece. But when you burn a quality incense on top of it when your guests arrive, then this will surely attract discussion.

*This durable incense burner is made of metal.

You can burn your favorite incense on it using a charcoal tablet or keep it as a decoration piece, this burner set is simply a piece of sophistication.

Our collection is unique and exclusively available online at a very reasonable price point. 

Instructions: To burn incense, you would need an incense burner, charcoal tablet and an incense. Light the charcoal on a flame and when it is lit, put it on the incense burner dish. Once a grey ash covers the top of charcoal, put your incense on top of the charcoal tablet. The incense will start burning and release an aromatic smoke. Please note, while burning the incense, do not cover the dish with the lid as the charcoal will cool down due to the lack of oxygen. Once the burning session is finished, cover the dish with the lid. Care must be taken at all times, see the safety information below.  

Safety information: 

  • Never leave burning charcoal unattended. Keep vessel on a fireproof surface during the incense burning ritual. Keep your burner out of the reach from children at all times.
  • Charcoal burns slowly, so it's easy to forget that it's still a live flame that must be treated with care and respect. 
  • It's necessary to always be alert to wherever your charcoal and incense is and what it might come in contact with.
  • Always make sure that no a part of burning incense or charcoal comes in contact with wood or different flammable materials.
  • Incense burners themselves also can get very hot, so be careful not to place them on wooden surfaces or to touch metal burners once you have been burning incense in them.
  • Never leave burning incense or charcoal unattended. like candles, do not leave the house while incense or charcoal remains burning.

OUD COLLECTION™ bears no responsibility for the use or misuse of the product.

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Vandana Tandon (Sydney, AU)

Just beautiful