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Maison Anthony Mamin

Oud Assam

Oud Assam

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Oud Assam is a deep fragrance inspired by the cultural richness of India. When Assam with its subtropical climate is known to be the source of many animalic and barny agarwood oils, Abdul Karim Al Faransi surprises the perfume world with a fresh woody and spicy attar. Indeed, Oud Assam has a great silage without being overpowering and offers a clean scent in a subtle masculine style.

  • Fine Indian spices
  • Mint
  • Hint of Patchouli
  • Sweet woody
  • Sandalwood
  • Wet wood
  • Agarwood oil from Assam

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ali Chafei (Sydney, AU)
Love it

Favourite smell so far purchased 4 of them.

Bilal Elmowy (Sydney, AU)
MR B.Elmowy

The products are highly recommended excellent service and honesty.

Faff (Brisbane, AU)

Absolutely captivating fragrance. Be aware it has a terrible opening... chemically and sharp, but after 10 minutes dry It's so well blended I cannot pick the individual notes, but the oud is clean, calm and comforting. In love with this one.

Michael Stumbles (Brisbane, AU)
Great smell

Smells fab and lasts. Great price while on sale.

Jatinder Saroeay (Melbourne, AU)
Jat, Melbourne AU

Very nice woody and spicy scent.. this perfume makes you feel soo good..

kellyanne Wright (Brisbane, AU)

What a beauty of a perfume...a beautiful suprise...this is special

Justin A. - US, NC

Purchased this as a sample with my order. I tested it out a few times and, had to purchase, the scent was absolutely amazing! The sillage is perfect for me. I love how it gently greets people as I pass by them without being overpowering. I’ve received many complements on Assam! I’m grateful that I’ve found this perfumer. It’s hard to find quality natural, alcohol free, oil fragrance fragrances of this caliber. You simply can’t beat the quality for the generously low price. Just ordered another from his collection, and can’t wait to get to try the rest! May he be blessed to make many more creations for us all to enjoy!

Fatih - Germany

This Oil is my Favorite . It is for me so stunning amazing awesome ! I love it . It lasts on my skin beastly

zubier - MCR

At first, this felt like it was not for me because I sniffed it from the bottle (silly me). However, after leaving it on my skin and letting it adjust to my natural scent, I loved it! It's strong enough for someone close to you to also smell it but will not fill the room it's more of a personal skin scent. But a beautiful one it is.

To me, it smells very much like a sweet oudh, no barny or earthy smell at all. It has a luxurious creamy wet wood scent with some warm saffron-like spice that comes out after application. This is one of my favourites from AKAF.

Matteo - Italy

Wow! Outstanding attar! Very clean oud, not animalic at all and a bit medicinal to my nose. Great sillage and longevity. Top quality product!